AWSN Executive, Board & Staff

We are working on the stories of the rest of our executive and all our board members.  Our theme update has put us behind.


Our Team

Alicia Bjarnason


Alicia has 15 years experience in the oil and gas industry as a professional geologist. Two years ago, her young son was diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer. She immediately walked away from her career to be the primary caregiver for her son. At the time, Alicia was working as a consultant.

Samia Sarkar


Samia Sarkar grew up in Alberta and has had a passion for math and  science since she was a child – and that eventually led her to choose a career in engineering. She completed her undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering  from the University of Alberta and has worked in Alberta’s oil/gas industry ever since – from Syncrude Canada, Petro-Canada and, currently, with Suncor Energy.

Shoma Sinha

Past President

Shoma has a passion for science and technology as well as for helping others achieve their full potential. Shoma completed her undergraduate in Engineering Science – Nanoengineering from the University of Toronto. She then conducted her doctoral studies in molecular scale devices at the University of Alberta/National Institute for Nanotechnology.

Carol Slomp


We love what Carol says about herself on LinkedIN... she is a Stay-at-Home Mother/Volunteer at Large, currently unemployed - which means she is working full time!  


Shagufta Tasneem


Shagufta Tasneem has Electrical and Computer Engineering Degree from University of Western, Ontario  (2009). She has worked in oil and gas industry for couple of years (Saipem Canada, Calgary AB). She has few years of electrical utility experience, teaching experience at college level, and retail management experience.  She volunteers for IEEE’s Society of Power and Energy as well as WISER.

Sophia Fairweather

Honorary Member - Jr Communications

Sophia will serve as AWSN’s Junior Communications Executive, the first time this position has existed, and will be involved with social media campaigns and interviewing female STEM professionals. She is an intrepid entrepreneur with a passion for engineering and, at the age of 7, has already started her own company. It is called ‘Decals by Sophia’, which she started at age 5.

Jacqueline Gorman

AWSN Board Member for Recruitment

Jacqueline received her M.Sc. in Earth Science from the University of Waterloo, and is currently working as a contaminant hydrogeologist.


Anne Marie Hearn

AWSN Board Member for Recognition

Anne has 10 years experience in R&D manufacturing roles as a chemist and chemical engineer.  She has developed catalysts for petrochemical processes and improved quality control methods for polymeric materials.  Her enthusiasm for continuous learning also inspired her to become an instructor in science and mathematics at SAIT where she encouraged students to pursue STEM careers.