Alexa Danyliuk

Alexa Danyliuk

2009-2010 AWSN Scholarship

Janice Richardson


Program: 2nd year Electronic Engineering Technology (EET), SAIT

Age: 22

Hometown: Saskatoon

Career Aspiration: “I would like to be an Electronics Engineering Technologist or maybe even go into Engineering”


Alexa did not start her education in a Science field. She spent two years at U of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon studying Sociology and Criminology. Deciding that this wasn’t quite the fit for her, she worked for a year while thinking about what direction to take next. That year was a crucial turning point in her life. She got a job at a Technology firm as an electronics assembler. She worked with people who had been through the EET program at SAIT and encouraged her to take the program.


” I have always been interested in computers, electronics, and technology . I just didn’t know that I could make a career of it. I didn’t even know this program existed when I finished high school.”


The hardest thing for Alexa when she first started the program was the reaction from the other students. She was the only female in a class of about 30 students and many of her classmates stereotyped her. Alexa did not let that discourage her, though and now she doesn’t have any problems. Her instructors were very supportive and Alexa enjoys the applied approach to the program. She likes Calgary and believes there a lot of companies with good job opportunities in Calgary.


In addition to her demanding course, Alexa is also involved with the Ukrainian community dancing, volunteering at events, and graphic design. She also teaches music and enjoys cross country skiing.


SAIT offers spend -a-day workshops for high school girls in programs that are non-traditional for females. Alexa encourages girls to attend these workshops to try explore some of these careers.


”It (Science programs) can be hard, but it is worth it. Women should not be afraid.”