AVE Network

Adding Value in Energy

Photo courtesy of AVE Network

Calgary's AVE Network's goal is to foster our GeoScience, Engineering & Technologist community with passion for our jobs while supporting each other as we grow in our careers. The Avenue team demonstrates the power of cross discipline & generational work yielding an organization that is built on a strong foundation. We value the perspective that each team member brings, and through our different experiences we have worked together to create AVE Network.


Once every second month we run short interest courses!  We will run our casual courses over tapas & drinks in a variety of downtown venues.  The goal is to help keep our knowledge growing, current and assist us in being technically savvy in our ever changing industry.  Come and learn something new so together we can Add Value in Energy!


On alternate months from our Speaker Series Events come & join us for our Thirsty Thursday mingling events! We will be venturing out to various venues for tapas & drinks.  Use this time to make new contacts and get to know your colleagues in GeoScience, Engineering & Technology! Learn from our experiences and work together to motivate and help each of us grow in our careers.


Content courtesy of AVE Network