Grace Cardinal

Grace Cardinal-Gordon received a travel bursary to the U.S. Space & Rocket Centre, Huntsville, Alabama to attend Space Camp.  She was AWSN's youngest mentor for many years.  Grace applied for a travel bursary when she was 10 years old in June of 2012. She returned from Space Camp in time to join us at the first 3 day Power to Choose Aboriginal Youth Summer Science camp and presented her trip to the aboriginal youth who attended and has done so several times now.

Jacqueline Gorman

When Jacqueline Gorman wanted to take the UCalgary's Indigenous Relations Training Program, she approached AWSN to support her application and fees. 

Kylie Toh

Kylie saw this as an amazing opportunity to connect with other organizations promoting women in STEM, to learn from non-profits, businesses and government, and to bring the knowledge back to Alberta by attending the US State Department's International Visitors Leadership Program.

SEDNA Epic Expedition 2014-2018

AWSN is proud to support Team Sedna and the Sedna Epic Expedition.  Susan Eaton served as the keynote speaker for our AWSN Gala 2015.  We share a bit from their website and encourage you to read more about this extraordinary project.  


The Student Organization for Aerospace Research (SOAR) was officially founded in the summer of 2015 at the University of Calgary. It consists of student scientists and engineers researching and developing projects related to aerospace technology. SOAR provides students with the opportunity and resources to pursue experience and hands on work with projects that contribute to scientific knowledge. This encourages cooperation, hard work, critical thinking and independence. By giving responsibility for these projects to students, they are able to self-engage and help each other develop experience in all aspects of research and industry desired in graduating students.

Sophia Fairweather

When Sophia was invited to speak at the U.N. Gender Equality Forum Aprip 2017 in Toronto, AWSN was pleased to assist with a travel bursary.