Christine Wielezynski Singh

Christine Wielezynski Singh

Mentor of Distinction

Shauna Skinner


A recent graduate of the University of Calgary, Christine Wielezynski Singh is already an active member of the engineering community. Even throughout her years as a chemical engineering student, Christine was actively involved in motivating students as both the president of the Petroleum Club and as a spokesperson for Gulf Canada and ConocoPhillips Canada. She was responsible for both facilitating and co-ordinating connections between students and industry. Christine gained experience with designing and modelling natural gas pipelines with Gulf Canada resources by participating in a co-operative program.


Upon the completion of her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering in April of 2000, Christine rejoined her co- op employer as a facility engineer. Her abilities in leadership and analysis landed her leading roles even during her first year as a professional engineer. Her responsibilities with Gulf Canada included recommending and comparing different facilities and pipeline gathering systems. Simultaneously, she was employed as a project engineer with Majestic Engineering Ltd., where she not only performed hydraulic modelling and analyzed optimization opportunities, but also communicated with clients to organize and co-ordinate the projects.


In 2001, she accepted the position of facility and project engineer with ConocoPhillips. She was once again a leading decision maker especially regarding construction, maintenance, optimization and development of the petroleum facilities. Christine managed contacts with company and construction personnel, and initiated project review meetings to assess and co-ordinate projects with the external contract companies.


Currently, Christine is employed as a Midstream Engineer for ConocoPhillips, and works with Asset Teams to optimize the existing facility infrastructure and analyze commercial and economic strategic opportunities. She also co-ordinates and assists with the recruitment of summer and internship students, a role that enables continued contact with the University and the new body of engineering students.


Christine Singh is an active volunteer and spokesperson for women in the engineering and science community. In addition to her leadership roles in industry, she is also involved with increasing scientific involvement and awareness for current female middle school students. As an AWSN Operation Minerva committee member, Christine co-ordinates and implements workshops for teachers and mentors, so that they can improve their mentorship abilities with regards to women in science. By organizing the OM Day at ConocoPhillips, throughout which grade eight females gain exposure to the scientific and engineering community and industry, Christine hopes to motivate young women to consider pursuing science or math-related careers. Christine also volunteers at Connaught School, where she meets with students to help with creative writing and proper syntax. Clearly, Mrs. Singh is a woman of many skills and talents, which she expresses and shares with several generations of the scientific community.


Even within her demanding career and volunteer positions, Christine still manages to pursue her other interests. She is currently pursuing a photography certificate at SAIT, and has artistic interests in the fields of dance, theatre, art and interior decorating. Also, she is trilingual, speaking Polish, French and English, and is currently improving her skills in Spanish. Continuing an active lifestyle is also very important to Christine, and she is an avid runner, skier, hiker, scuba diver, cyclist and traveler. She hopes to continue to travel and meet new cultures and peoples.


Christine Singh is a remarkably active community member, whose experiences in industry and recruitment programs have led to prestigious leadership roles. She continues to impact student lives and hopes to expand these mentoring opportunities throughout her career: In her words:


It is important to help educate young people, help them develop confidence and competence to make choices and decisions in life. The sky is the limit! Every youth should have the opportunity to explore their ideas and capabilities.


"OM (Operation Minerva) in particular helps inspire young women to pursue careers in science, math and engineering. It’s important to get involved. Organizations like OM help empower young girls who need positive role models in our ever evolving culture," she says.


Tomorrow’s youth will be the difference to our future. Make a difference. Be a mentor.