A one-day interactive conference for girls in Grade 9 to explore the world of Information Technologies (IT)

Photo courtesy of ExploreIT, UCalgary

Can you imagine daily life without computers? Or without phones? The reality is that computing and telecommunications technologies have become essential not only to our personal lives, but virtually to all aspects of society.

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) are everywhere, in medicine and transportation, electricity generation and even in farming. Here is a challenge for you, how many things can you find that don’t involve any IT? Not too many, right? Well, if IT is used pretty much everywhere already, imagine the future!

Experience Explore-IT

Explore-IT is an interactive conference where Grade 9 girls can explore the exciting world of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Explore IT was created to increase young women’s awareness of the opportunities available in Information and Communications Technology as they begin to make their career decisions and plan for the future. Explore-IT hopes to engage and invite young women to enter the field of IT by:

  • Introducing girls to the fun and creative opportunities within the ICT sector.
  • Inspiring and motivating girls to engage in Information and Communication Technologies.
  • Encouraging original self-expression and enthusiasm through technology.
  • Motivating and inspiring girls through guest speakers and mentor discussions.
  • Stimulating participants about the demand for ICT professionals.
  • Interesingt girls in ICT career areas that have traditionally had a low representation of female students.
  • Encouraging girls to keep their future options open by taking math and science courses throughout high school.

Through interactive workshops, information sharing and keynote speakers, Grade 9 girls from Calgary and the surrounding area are given a sneak peak into the tantalizing world of high tech.

Why We Need More Young Women in IT

Explore IT focuses on introducing young women to career possibilities in ICT.

Along with engineering and technology programs, women remain underrepresented in the ICT field, and while females represent 56.4% of university enrollment and 52.5% of college enrollment, only 23.4% of workers in ICT occupations are female.

Explore-IT hopes to engage and invite young women to enter the field of IT.