Female Scientist invents Vodka

Eva Ekeblad

July 10, Eva Ekeblad's  Birthday


Today's July 10 GoogleDoodle celebrates Eva Ekeblad's birthday. 

Countess Eva Ekeblad was a Swedish noble and agronomist who discovered how to extract starch from potatoes, paving the way for gluten-free baking and alcohols such as vodka, moonshine and potato wine. 


Eva Ekeblad (née Eva De la Gardie; 10 July 1724 – 15 May 1786) was a Swedish salonist and countess as well as agronomist and scientist. She was widely known for discovering a method in 1746 to make flour and alcohol from potatoes, the former of which allowed more scarce grains to be used for food production, significantly reducing Sweden's incidence of famine. She also discovered a method of bleaching cotton textile and yarn with soap in 1751, and of replacing the dangerous ingredients in cosmetics of the time by using potato flour(1752); she is said to have advertised the plant by using its flowers as hair ornaments.

In 1748, Eva Ekeblad became the first woman elected to Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

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