Global Association for Indigeneering Alliance - connecting Indigenous STEM professionals

Photo courtesy of Power to Choose

The founders of the Global Association for Indigeneering Alliance is extremely new and supports the small group of Indigenous STEM professionals as they also reach out as mentors for youth. In the coming months, watch here for more news about what GAIA is doing and to register. 

The group's purpose is multifaceted:

• To connect Indigenous science, technology and engineering professionals that are committed to combining Western scientific principles with an Indigenous worldview of respect for Mother Earth, Mentoring and Sustainability in all sectors

• To provide a forum for sharing of knowledge with our members, with communities and with industry

• To provide an opportunity for our members to mentor Indigenous youth and support education in the form of scholarships

The association is free to join and exists on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter at this time. Future vision is to hold a gathering at a TBD frequency and moving location which connects us to Indigenous Engineering professionals on a Global scale for learning, sharing and collaboration.