Jenelle Moffat

Jenelle Moffat

AWSN Scholarship

Barbara Chabai


Age: 30


Hometown: Winnipeg, MB


Education: Second year of a Radio, Television and Broadcast News program at SAIT (majoring in TV production with a concentration in camera/lighting/audio).


Career Aspiration: “One thing I’d like to work towards after graduation is getting experience so I can work at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics as a camera operator or audio field mixer at an event.”


“I’ve always been interested in broadcasting,” Jenelle says. “I love the creative process of an idea coming to life. And I love that there are so many places to go with technology in this industry.”


After enjoying some part-time courses in the field at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Jenelle enrolled as a mature student at SAIT Polytechnic, thanks to discovering that SAIT and the University of Calgary’s “2 plus 2” program, will accept a diploma in her program as credit towards a Communication Studies degree.


“My strong interest in TV production, combined with SAIT’s high industry standard and its collaboration with the U of C, were the reasons for me returning to school after all these years,” she says.


Although there may still be a small degree of stigma lingering about women working in production, Jenelle doesn’t let it to get in her way and suggests it not bother others either.


Don’t allow the trends of the past to dictate your present or your future. Create your own ‘norm’, your own path.