At AWSN, we strive to be the inner core network providing services to STEM based programs that share an interest in equal opportunities for all people.  Whether you have an idea for a new program, or are a well-established STEM outreach program, there are many benefits to becoming an AWSN member. The primary goal of the AWSN is to facilitate communication, collaboration and consultation amongst all Alberta-based STEM outreach programs. If you need further information with regards to program membership, click on the link below for more information about the benefits for member programs.  Please contact the AWSN programs manager at if you have questions. 

To be a Member Program of AWSN, create an AWSN account and fill out the Program Membership form. Click here for an AWSN account

We have great individual members too.  They may not be connected to one of the member programs, and joined AWSN because they want to volunteer to keep AWSN and other STEM programs running.  They mentor member programs.  They volunteer for just about anything a member program or AWSN needs. They may have won an award or scholarship from AWSN.  They may have been a member of a member program, but want to add a stronger role to their resume so serve on our board, executive, or committees. While we won't post their names and contacts here, if you join AWSN, you will meet some of these awesome individuals. Mentors. Leaders. 

To be a Individual Member of AWSN, create an AWSN account and fill out the Individual Membership form. Click here for an AWSN account