Joyce Wong

Joyce Wong

2007- 2008  AWSN Scholarship



Age: 26
Hometown: Calgary, AB
Studies: Third year of the MD Program at University of Alberta.
Career Aspiration: “I enjoy studying medicine, and am keeping an open mind while rotating through different areas to decide which specialty really excites and motivates me.”


Joyce views the field of medicine as a dynamic journey without a final destination – and she prefers it that way.


“I like the fact that medicine is dynamic so you are always learning new things; it’s not like you reach a certain point and that’s all you need to know for the rest of your life. Instead, the field is continually evolving with new research,  new treatments and new breakthroughs.”


Joyce is in the midst of her third year of clinical training, which includes rotations in psychiatry, rural family medicine, internal medicine, surgery pediatrics, and obstetrics & gynecology.


“I enjoy learning about the human body and how its systems function together. There are so many potential areas to specialize in. The rotations are valuable in helping decide what I might like to do. I’m the kind of person who needs to experience things firsthand before I can figure them out.”


On the rare occasion she finds free time, Joyce likes soccer, swimming, jogging, music, reading and speech arts; she is also a certified speech arts instructor. Joyce also participates in several faculty clubs, including a program that educates children on skin cancer and the importance of sun safety.


Science in general and medicine in particular requires a big commitment and a great deal of effort so it should be something you enjoy,” she says.


“I’m fortunate that I found a career that interests and challenges me. I would like to thank my family, friends, colleagues, and AWSN for this scholarship.”