Kitty Choy

Kitty Choy

2007-2008 AWSN Scholarship



Age: 23

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Studies: Final year of civil engineering with a specialization in biomedical engineering at the University of Calgary

Career Aspiration: “I’m actually thinking of going into biomedical engineering (structural engineering comes as a close second) where my research can directly help people.”



Kitty started out studying how to build bridges and roads – until one day, she encountered a pleasantly unexpected detour.


“Toward the end of my first year of engineering, we had presentations from different departments about their unique fields. The talk from biomedical engineering really sounded interesting plus the students were very enthusiastic. I decided to give it a try and have liked it ever since.”


Biomedical engineering advances the medical field through the development of devices or techniques to improve patient health and overall quality of life. The design and problem-solving skills required is something that Kitty comes by naturally – even as a young girl, she loved discovering how things were put together


“Whenever something broke down, I loved to get my hands on it and take it apart. It was interesting to me and I actually ended up fixing a few things that way,” she remembers.


An avid traveler who says “study and travel is the best way to go,” Kitty has participated in student exchange programs in Japan, Hungary and in Australia. Her studies have recently taken her overseas to Germany, where she completed two research internships and also gained some surprising insight.


“Some people asked me what it was like being a female engineer in Canada,” she says, adding that Germany has a 9:1 male to female engineer ratio. “So I explained that we have these great programs to get girls excited about engineering. They thought it was pretty cool.”