Kristen Krawec

Kristen Krawec

2009-2010 AWSN Scholarship

Janice Richardson


Program: 3rd year Chemical Engineering student at the University of Calgary

Age:  21 Hometown: Calgary

Career Aspiration: “I am interested in being a Chemical Engineer in the Oil and Gas industry but I would also like to further my education by obtaining my Masters, an MBA, or attending Medical School. “


Kristin’s first interest in Science was in Biology and she initially thought she would like to be a doctor. After participating in seminars that exposed her to other types of sciences, she decided to take Engineering.


“Engineering provides more opportunities with a four year degree than just a general science degree but it still gives me the ability to go into medicine if I decide to do that.”


Chemical engineering appealed to her because she likes learning about materials and how they can be made into something useful. However, she has a lot of interests. “There are many options once I graduate and I don’t want to restrict myself”


Kristin is fortunate to have been surrounded by supportive parents and teachers most of her life. Choosing a Science field just seemed logical. She also enjoys the engineering program because she receives a lot of support from fellow students and she does not find it difficult being a female student.


”Engineering at the University of Calgary has a high ratio of females to males, about one in four. I don’t feel being a female student brings different obstacles than being a male student. It’s a level playing field.”


Besides keeping busy with her studies, Kristin is one of the organizers for the Western Engineering Competition and she was the Class Rep for the Chemical Engineering student society. She also enjoys outdoor sports such as skiing, snowshoeing, and scuba diving.


Last summer she had a very difficult time finding a summer job in her field and she applied for more than forty jobs with no success. She kept trying, though, and eventually landed a job teaching engineering to students in a summer camp at Mount Royal. This helped her further develop both speaking and management skills, and she is currently an intern at Husky Energy working in Production and Reservoir.


Girls thinking about a career in Science should pursue what they are passionate about. Obstacles are always going to be there, you just have  to learn to get around them”.