Our Mentors

We have so many more stories from inspiring people who are AWSN mentors and award winners.  Our theme update has put us behind.   Come back soon and see who's here.  


Mentor Biographies

Aimee (Rodriguez) Louis

I'm really passionate about going back to the community.  This was the main reason I wanted to take native studies in university, because I think a part of me was missing. I wanted to learn more and become culturally competent. I want to apply this knowledge to overcoming barriers to achieving holistic health care and help rebuild our nations into strong, healthy and self-sufficient communities. 

Alexa Danyliuk

After determining that a degree in the arts was not for her, Alexa received encouragement from co-workers that led her to enroll in the Electronic Engineering Technology program at SAIT.

Andrea Elser

Andrea was co-coordinator for AWSN's aboriginal girls program in 2012-3.  When I was growing up, there were a lot of strong Aboriginal women role models for me to look up to and that was great, but most of them worked in education or social work, not science. It’s a shame. In many ways, I think that not having a science mentor drew me to the opportunity to work with AWSN and to introduce girls to female Aboriginal professionals in science, engineering, health and technology.  

Anita Rossall

Anita Rossall’s interest in science began outside the classroom; which may be somewhat telling about why the President and Chair of the Alberta Science Literacy Association is so passionate about bringing science to life inside our schools

Annalisa Wilson

With a strong passion for mentorship and volunteer work in communities both local and abroad, civil engineering student Annalisa Wilson is the recipient of the AWSN Scholarship of 2005-2006.

Anne Naeth

Dr. Anne Naeth’s work in the discipline of plant ecology runs parallel to her theory as a mentor: with a little nurturing, wonderful things can grow in new environments.

Becky Cook

“It takes a village to raise a child.” Becky Cook is living proof of this and the positive influence a nurturing family, a supportive community and a network of strong role models can have on a person’s life and career.