New Individual Membership

As well as joining AWSN’s member programs, we also welcome individuals who want to join AWSN. Membership is free of charge and members receive regular newsletters with updates on AWSN and the activities of its member programs. Individual members also have the option of membership with Kids & Company (KidCo) through our member program WWIN. Join WWIN to access this great resource for all KidCo services such as high quality, flexible childcare, elder care, and nanny placements.


AWSN is a small non-profit and there are many opportunities for individual members to serve in many roles either directly for the AWSN, or by supporting member programs with specific skills such as legal, management, website and IT, event planning & execution, marketing etc. Volunteerism with AWSN is an excellent addition to any resume. It is also an opportunity to learn new skills and challenge yourself to bigger opportunities such as serving on the executive or board. 


Individual membership is an opportunity to build community amongst like-minded people. Come meet, network, and volunteer alongside some of the awesome individuals, mentors, and leaders who are already involved with AWSN. Whatever your reasons are, we encourage you to sign up as an individual member. Your membership sends a strong message that you believe that diversity in the fields of STEM is important and beneficial.