New Program Membership

At AWSN, we strive to be the inner core network that provides services to STEM-based programs that share an interest in equal opportunities for all people.  Whether you are simply an idea for a new program or a well-established STEM outreach program, there are many benefits to becoming an AWSN member. 


If you are a brand new initiative, membership in AWSN provides you non-profit legal status.  As such, the AWSN takes on the responsibility of your financial reports to Service Alberta.  We can also provide you funding, liability insurance, mentorship, opportunities for your program to grow, payroll and website services.  If you are running your initiative out of your home, we even provide our mailbox for added privacy as you promote your organization.



All AWSN member programs are eligible to apply for grants on a yearly basis.  Grants need to be directed to a program or event that falls under one of our three pillars (recruitment, retention, recognition) and must serve an under-represented group in STEM.  All grant recipients will be required to report on the use of funds in their year-end report.



All AWSN member programs have a spot and link on our website. We strive to promote your program and its events on our website, newsletter and social media sites.



We do ask our member programs to provide short updates every 2-3 months.  Why you may ask?  Well the primary goal of the AWSN is to facilitate communication, collaboration and consultation amongst all Alberta-based STEM outreach programs. It’s hard for us to help you, promote you and connect you with other groups if we don’t know what you are doing!



If you need further information with regards to program membership, please contact the AWSN program manager at

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AWSN will communicate primarily through the program email or phone. These preferences are extended to the primary and secondary contacts if you wish to or not get your own copy of our communications. Our usual communications are our Newsletter as well as meeting and report reminders, volunteer callouts, or specific requests AWSN receives that involve your program. We will never share your email without expressed permission.