Operation Minerva Calgary

A one day job-shadowing event for girls in Grade 8 girls in Calgary

Photo courtesy of Operation Minerva

Have you wondered what a day at work looks like for women with successful careers in the sciences? Are you curious about why women choose to study science and math, and what they find exciting about their jobs?

As a Grade 8 female student you can explore such questions – and more! – by participating in Operation Minerva Calgary, a one-day event that may just change your life! That is because – for a full day – you’ll be out of the classroom and in a real workplace where women scientists or engineers will share with you some of the things that make their job fun and captivating.

That’s right, professional women will mentor you on what authentic applications of science look like beyond the studying done at school. This unique job-shadowing experience inspired many past participants to pursue the sciences in high school and their future careers.

A Job Shadowing Event for Young Girls

Operation Minerva's one day, job-shadowing event for Grade 8 girls is held in late spring of each year. Operation Minerva is hosted by AWSN in Calgary. 

Imagine, young women meeting women working in STEM careers at their workplaces all over Calgary.  

Goals of Operation Minerva

  • To provide girls with the opportunity to meet female role models in math and sciences.
  • To foster positive and engaging learning environments for girls to stay interested in math and sciences.
  • To increase the number of girls pursuing career paths, which involve sciences and math.
  • To raise awareness regarding the underrepresentation of girls in many science, math, and technical courses and careers.

Operation Minerva is older than AWSN by 5 years and remains the longest running program that AWSN hosts.