Our Pillars

With AWSN finding itself connecting a growing number of diverse groups and programs, we found three categories that explained their offerings.  AWSN started out providing and supporting programs for girls and young women, later adding scholarships and the Minerva Mentoring Award for great mentoring by amazingly supportive people.  Girls only programs morphed to support aboriginal youth as well.  


As the young women impacted by Operation Minerva grew up and came back as AWSN members, they brought ideas for programs providing career support.  Career programs for women are important as well for both women and men new to Canada.  If an idea has merit and overlaps with AWSN's objectives, we support it through mentoring at the program level or special grants.  How do you put all these diverse things together and have it make sense? Our Pillars of Activity are meant to group programs by types of programs, similar interests and needs, and just make sense of it all.  


Recruitment:  programs that encourage youth from underrepresented groups to pursue their interest in STEM (girls, aboriginal youth, rural youth).  The colour is RED denoting youth and excitement, passion and motivation.  The keyword is EXPLORE. 


Retention:  programs that encourage STEM trained professionals to find work in, and to stay and grow in their profession.  (new graduates, Alberta newcomers, women).  The colour is GREEN denoting growth and vitality, renewal and self-reliance. The keyword is CHALLENGE.


Recognition: recognizing excellence in academics, mentorship and unique STEM pursuits. The colour is BLUE denoting trust and integrity, concern and devotion.  The keyword is INSPIRE.


That leaves the last colour - PURPLE.  Purple has been AWSN's colour since the first logo.  Purple denotes imagination and wisdom, empathy and humanitarianism.  The keyword is IMAGINE. 


Come, we CHALLENGE you to EXPLORE our programs.  IMAGINE how you can INSPIRE others.