Power to Choose

Encouraging Aboriginal Youth in Grades 7-12 by giving them the power of career choice in combination with mentorship with aboriginal scientists and ways-of-knowing science programs

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Power to Choose is the name of an amazing artwork by First Nations artist Abe Kakepetum. In his words,

"We have been blessed by the Creator with the power to choose. It is called free will.
In order to honour the Creator we must choose wisely in this life.
As the tree with long roots, we will be fruitful. 
If we choose poorly, we will not prosper."

The Power of Choice

Giving Aboriginal Youth the power of choice for jobs and careers is the goal of the PTC Aboriginal Youth program.  

We encourage youth to stay in school, and keep studying science subjects throughout their schooling.  

Even if science is not the preferred career choice, it is important for the leaders of tomorrow to know something about the impact of science and technology .  

The power of our programs is in bringing in Aboriginal Scientists and Engineers as role models, inviting in the whole community, engaging in hands-on, minds-on scientific activities, and linking scientific principles to culture.  

How We Do It

We want to excite our youth about the power of science, introduce them to their option in scientific careers, and encourage them to keep science as part of their curriculum throughout their school years. We accomplish our goals through:

  • One day science events.
  • A Three-day summer science camp.
  • Connecting our youth with aboriginal Science Mentors.

These programs are offered by indigeSTEAM. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming events.  


Content courtesy of Power to Choose