Our Sponsors

Thank you to AGAT labs for supporting our annual AWSN Gala.

Gaming in Alberta is regulated by the provincial government.  Revenue gained from gaming activities is returned to Albertans through licensed charities and non-profits.  AWSN has been licensed for many years and uses our grant to fund our events, provide grants to member programs and award scholarships.  


AWSN would like to extend a special thank you to our casino volunteers for their help meeting our obligations to qualify for this funding.   Without their support, we would not be able to support the programs we do.  

A StartUP Sponsor for The STEM Affair 2016

Thank you to APEGA!  APEGA is our 2015 Partnership award winner.  We thank them for publishing our WinSTEM and The STEM Affair 2016 event notices.  

Power to Choose is extremely grateful for the support from APEGA for the grant that allowed us to double the number of participants in our summer science camps 2014 and 2015. 


Athabasca University is a partner organization of AWSN.  AU supports AWSN's donations and AWSN provides scholarships open to AU.  

A StartUP Sponsor for The STEM Affair 2016

Thank you, BVC, for being an event sponsor of The STEM Affair 2016

Brauerei Fahr produces three styles of beer: Fahr Away Hefeweizen, A Little Too Fahr Pilsner and Old Fahrt Altbier.  The owner, Dr. Jochen Fahr, is one of the first members of MentorUP Calgary, an AWSN program that helps supports STEM immigrants.  Having a background in (industrial) Biotechnology (Biochemical Process) Engineering and a PhD (UCalgary) in Biomedical engineering allows him to take a scientists view of brewing.  


We are extremely pleased to be able to have him demo (taste!) his scientific approach to the 1516 German Beer purity laws.  



Power to Choose is supported by grants from Canada Summer Jobs supporting our Summer Camp coordinator 2013 through 2016 and our aboriginal biographer 2016.