Events can be from something spectacular to just a coffee with your STEM friends. Not sure what to do?  We have put together an impressive list of suggestions or leave an idea here .   Not from Alberta but want to join the fun?  Let us know about your event too. 


Do you know an exceptional woman in STEM who serves her community as a mentor, a teacher, an innovator, or is an up-and-comer?  Nominate someone today and explain why you think they should be recognized. Those selected will be invited and recognized at AWSN’s STEM Affair on October 14, 2017.

Event Host: 
University of Calgary's Cumming School of Medicine

Science in the Cinema - Contagion


Science in the Cinema brings together science and popular culture in a fun and engaging way. Watch a film with a health science theme and listen to an expert explain the science behind the movie. An interactive question and answer period follows each movie. Admission is FREE and all attendees will receive a voucher for a free small popcorn!


Wednesday, Oct 11, the movie 'Contagion' will be presented by Dr. Guido van Marle, molecular virologist.  He will be mentioning WinSTEM week and celebrating that the vaccine developer and other key roles in this movie portray female scientists. 

Location: Street Address, City, Website: 

The Plaza, 1133 Kensington Road NW, Calgary, AB. 

Event Host: 

Networking Skills Workshop

"Step up for success"

Did you know that 85% of job seekers found employment opportunities through people they know?

Attending this workshop will teach you how to build your network, and how to initiate, lead, and exit conversations at any event. The speaker is a highly experienced professional in providing effective HR services, Career Coaching & Corporate training. Whether you're preparing for the upcoming career fair or any networking event, this session is for you. The workshop will offer helpful insight into the purpose and format of career fairs, mixers, and other networking events, and we will share some tips for success at any networking event! Join us and learn how to "wow" at your next event.

Location: Street Address, City, Website: 

University of Alberta

Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA) 1-490

11405 87 Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta

Event Host: 
Women in Science and Engineering UCalgary

Career Night

The purpose of Career Night is to educate first year science and engineering students on the different career paths available within their discipline. Engineering students must decide which discipline to enter after their first year; this is a difficult decision to make, with many different factors to consider. This event strives to help the students better understand which path best caters to their strengths and interests.

Location: Street Address, City, Website: 

MacEwan Concert and Event Centre, Room Cassio B
2500 University Dr. NW
Calgary, Alberta
T2N 1N4

Event Host: 
AVE Network

Speaker Q & A

The AVE NETWORK is excited to once again participate in WinSTEM week. Join us for our special event, Wednesday October 11th. Our special guest is Caralyn Bennet, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of GLJ Petroleum Consultants. Caralyn will be joining us for an open Q&A session! This will be a great opportunity to ask Caralyn, a successful woman leader, any question you may have about the industry, leadership, the road to success, and many more! There will be an opportuniy to network as well.



More on our Speaker:

Location: Street Address, City, Website: 

Bank & Baron P.U.B

125 8 Avenue Southwest

Calgary, AB T2P 1B4

Event Host: 
AWSN members

I don't do math

TED Talk by Emily Calandrelli

Do you need to be a scientist to be STEM literate? STEM education is critical in the modern world. Emily Calandrelli talks about the importance of STEM literacy, and recognizing the negative impacts of pseudoscience.

Location: Street Address, City, Website: 
Event Host: 
The Chic Geek


USER EXPERIENCE & INTERFACE: the psychology behind digital design 

Join us as our experts share their experiences and personal stories around being involved in the tech industry, and then connect with community and our experts during our popular round table discussions or other networking opportunities.
We welcome the curious, the knowing, and the supportive, so come out and meet some amazing geeks!


Register here

Location: Street Address, City, Website: 


Event Host: 

Book Review: The Only Woman in the Room

Why Science is Still a Boy's Club

Author: Eileen Pollack       ISBN 978-0-8070-4657-9


Many years after being one of the first two females to obtain a Bachelors degree in Physics at Yale, Eileen Pollack reflects on why she pursued writing instead of graduate school. As Eileen Pollack shares her own personal experiences and reflects on her interactions with other women in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), it is evident that only the women “who don’t give a crap” about societal norms and expectations succeed in a culture that discourages them from a very young age.



Corporate Ticket Challenge

Last year, one very large Calgary-based international company suggested a unique twist on sponsorship and we challenge other companies to do the same.  


1.  Promote WinSTEM Week to your female staff and encouraging them to come up with WinSTEM Week activities.  

2.  Expense the ticket of any of your staff interested in attending The STEM Affair Saturday Oct 14, 2017.


Are there any other companies out there that have women working for them?  Have you said "Thank you" to them for the great job they do?  Would you match this idea from a great corporate sponsor?  


Women in STEM:  Ask your supervisor.  See if they would support you celebrating who you are by supporting your ticket price.  More than 1/2 of each ticket goes directly to AWSN programs.