Events can be from something spectacular to just a coffee with your STEM friends. Not sure what to do?  We have put together an impressive list of suggestions or leave an idea here .   Not from Alberta but want to join the fun?  Let us know about your event too. 


Do you know an exceptional woman in STEM who serves her community as a mentor, a teacher, an innovator, or is an up-and-comer?  Nominate someone today and explain why you think they should be recognized. Those selected will be invited and recognized at AWSN’s STEM Affair on October 14, 2017.

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AWSN members

Subtract anxiety from your math experience

TEDx by Clio Cresswell

It's Friday Night.  Time to get romantic and think a bit about Mathematics and Sex.  This is one of the most hillarious TED talks you can ever hear about Math, gender and sex.  Who knew that yes, you do math just being female. 

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Edmonton High Level Bridge Light Up Purple

You will find a great view of the High Level Bridge Oct 13, 2017 as it will be lit in Purple for AWSN and our second WinSTEM Week from dusk to midnight.

Come and Join the celebration of STEM Women!!!

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High Level Bridge, 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB

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book Review: An Illustrated Celebration of Trailblazing Women in Science

Stay in and read a good book.  Friday nights can be hectic or they can be the best unwind. 

Why not check out a great book to view, indulge in, and reflect upon.  Read the GREAT review "An Illustrated Celebration of Trailblazing Women in Science" at BrainPickings for a book that perhaps you don't just read, you go out and buy a copy.  Buy an extra and give it to a school.  Artist and author Rachel Ignotofsky celebrates in Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World and the review is written by Maria Popova.  This review is special as Ms. Ignotofsky's pages are shown and with zoom, you can read some.  Please enjoy this pick by AWSN members.  


Corporate Ticket Challenge

Last year, one very large Calgary-based international company suggested a unique twist on sponsorship and we challenge other companies to do the same.  


1.  Promote WinSTEM Week to your female staff and encouraging them to come up with WinSTEM Week activities.  

2.  Expense the ticket of any of your staff interested in attending The STEM Affair Saturday Oct 14, 2017.


Are there any other companies out there that have women working for them?  Have you said "Thank you" to them for the great job they do?  Would you match this idea from a great corporate sponsor?  


Women in STEM:  Ask your supervisor.  See if they would support you celebrating who you are by supporting your ticket price.  More than 1/2 of each ticket goes directly to AWSN programs.