Work Re-Engagement Program

To identify the barriers that STEM-trained women face reentering the workforce after an extended leave.

The AWSN Work Re-engagement Program was launched in March 2015 through a Status of Women Canada Grant. AWSN applied for the grant for two reasons:


• To identify the barriers that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) trained women face re-entering the workforce after an extended leave.

• To establish leading practices for women in this demographic, and the corporations that may want to re-engage them.


Alberta is part of a STEM based economy. Innovation is key to supporting Alberta’s economic future. Innovation works best though diversity. In order for Alberta to reach it’s full potential, we need the best minds working together. The AWSN Work Re-engagement Program aims at assisting professional STEM women with a work ‘gap’ to re-join the work force. Both Alberta and Alberta companies are beneficial stakeholders in this endeavour. Stakeholders will directly benefit from the Work Re-engagement Program through developed Leading Practices that will encourage gender equity and diversity in the STEM professions. Alberta will benefit by having the top minds working together on complex problems through teamwork and innovation. This program will create a foundation to build on going forward.


APEGA, the City of Calgary and Shell Canada are a few of our key stakeholders who are assisting in the creation on this program. Their efforts will be directly rewarded through the Leading Practices and by meeting (possibly hiring) the professional women who participate in the program. In addition, the program is honoured to have supportive partners involved in developing/encouraging support for the women both professionally and personally, including but not limited to Women in Science Engineering and Research (WiSER) and Workplace Fairness Institute. The community organizations and associations involved are Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC), Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS), Canadian Advanced Technology Association (CATA), Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies (AAISA), MentorUp Alberta, Bridge for Engineering, Science, and Technology Talent (BESTT), Cybermentor, and university-based organizations such as Athabasca University, Faculty of Science and Technology and many more. Through partnership, we are creating a strong community of a bridging network. AWSN and the Work Re-engagement Program has connections to STEM professional and gender expertise. The stakeholders and partners have the expertise needed to support this demographic of professional women through their programs. Together we will create Leading Practices to improve all programs /or HR policies to re-engage this under represented demographic within the work force.


If you are an organization, an Alberta company or a STEM professional that would like to get involved, please register as either a Partner or General Member by going to the Work Re-engagement website.  


An additional resource the program provides is the On-Ramping Guide for Employers. Learn more about it today!