|“Coding teaches our young people how to work as a team to solve difficult problems in creative ways.”– Navdeep Bains

​Minister of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Navdeep Bains and Minister of Science Kirsty Duncan announced the launch of CanCode, a $50 million program dedicated to helping young Canadians learn digital and coding skills.

Through CanCode, the Government of Canada will provide funding to Canadian not-for-profit organizations that have a minimum of three years of experience delivering education-related programs to young Canadians and teachers.

The Government of Canada said that over the next two years, CanCode will give 500,000 students from kindergarten to Grade 12 the chance to learn “in-demand skills that will prepare them for future jobs.” It will also provide 500 teachers across Canada with the necessary training and tools to teach digital skills and coding.

“Our government is investing in a program that will equip young Canadians with the skills they need for a future in which every job will require some level of digital ability,” said Bains. “Coding teaches our young people how to work as a team to solve difficult problems in creative ways. That’s how they will become the next great innovators and entrepreneurs that Canada needs to succeed.”

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Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 12:38

June 12, 2017: The following documents were produced by the ministries of Treasury Board and Finance (Office of Statistics and Information) and Status of Women:

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 11:52

There are plenty of ways to recognize the pioneering women who've made unique contributions to science, technology, engineering, and math. But GE chose an unorthodox strategy by creating custom-designed animations of 12 influential women in STEM and projecting them onto the ceiling of Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

Thursday, August 3, 2017 - 11:09

|“Canada succeeds when women and girls are given opportunities to succeed.”

International Monetary Fund researchers say the federal government can afford to spend $8-billion annually to reduce the cost of child care spaces nationwide because the program would pay for itself.

The proposal is more than 10 times what the Liberals have promised to spend annually over the next decade on child care.

The IMF predicts the cash would... Read more

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 - 15:04

|“Just as we need to find opportunities to communicate with younger women, we need to find opportunities to communicate with men and get them involved so they can understand what we’re dealing with and what we want.”

At first glance, award-winning film Hidden Figures seems like your typical Oscar-nominated movie: great plot, superb actors, eye-catching visuals, and an inspiring story. But there’s more that meets the eye.

Based on a... Read more

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