Bursaries | Recognition Awards

AWSN offers bursaries on the basis of need and overlapping interest with AWSN's goals and mission.  Individuals or groups may apply. Recognition awards are usually granted to a group and are similar to AWSN providing sponsorship, but we anticipate and expect something more akin to partnership from the financial grant. 

STEM Affair

The AWSN STEM Affair is our chance to celebrate all thing AWSN.  We present our major awards: AWSN scholarship, Minerva Mentoring Award, WinSTEM week nominees and others.  We provide information on AWSN, its member programs and services we offer.  We celebrate STEM by entertaining you with hands-on STEM demonstrations and a keynote address by important STEM community members.  The STEM Affair has become the capstone event of WinSTEM week. 

WinSTEM Week

Anyone, anywhere is allowed to post an event celebrating the women of the past, present and future of STEM in Alberta and globally.  Events can be as small as mom and daughter watching Hidden Figures, or as grand as WiSEST 35th anniversary NoBelles event (Edmonton, Alberta), or AWSN 2017 STEM Affair (Calgary, Alberta).  Nominate someone for a WinSTEM recognition award - someone who inspired you, mentored you, or you feel doesn't get the notice she should, and we will be announcing them at our STEM Affair, Oct 14, 2017.