Mentor Biographies

We are honored to share a story about many of our mentors.  Come read one to see what makes a great Minerva Mentoring Award Winner, an AWSN Scholorship Winner, a Mentor of Distinction.  You will also find out about us at AWSN; our board and exec are pretty impressive people too.  

Minerva Mentoring Award

Alberta Women's Science Network offers a yearly award to recognize significant contributions to mentoring women of all ages that will be awarded to one outstanding mentor (female or male).   Nominations are currently open for 2016. The nomination form can be accessed here.    Read more about our current and past winners in our Mentors Biographies section.  

Program Mentoring

AWSN supports its member programs through more than only funding them.  We mentor new ideas into programs that are sustainable, growing and perhaps even able to become totally independent of AWSN.  We also support organizations with missions that overlap AWSNs through one-time bursaries or awards for projects.  If you have a great idea for a program that fits under AWSN's umbrella, need a host for more than just some funds to get started, get in touch. 


The Student Organization for Aerospace Research (SOAR) was officially founded in the summer of 2015 at the University of Calgary. It consists of student scientists and engineers researching and developing projects related to aerospace technology. SOAR provides students with the opportunity and resources to pursue experience and hands on work with projects that contribute to scientific knowledge. This encourages cooperation, hard work, critical thinking and independence. By giving responsibility for these projects to students, they are able to self-engage and help each other develop experience in all aspects of research and industry desired in graduating students.

The AU/AWSN Scholarship

Awarded annually to female students enrolled in a degree program with either the Centre for Science or School of Computing and Information Systems who have completed a minimum of nine Athabasca University 300 level (or higher) credits in the past 12 months.

Apply by submitting a complete application to the Student Awards Unit.