BrainStem Alliance

BrainSTEM Alliance is a team of engineers that works with local organizations who want to deliver STEM workshops to their youth membership. We help to coordinate volunteers to run hands-on sessions whether it be after-school, weekend, or during camps. We want to expose as many youth as we can to STEM by working with different organizations within the community!


An online mentoring program for girls in grades 6 to 12 across Alberta; each girl is matched with her own carefully-screened mentor and the two connect online throughout the school year. By chatting with their mentor through a secure site, the girls learn about the wealth of careers and opportunities in science and engineering, discover new interests and gain confidence. The mentors—inspiring women in diverse careers in science, technology, engineering and math—enjoy the experience of being a role model and motivating the next generation of scientists and engineers.


Explore-IT hopes to engage young women to enter the field of IT by introducing, inspiring and motivating them with the fun and creative opportunities within the ICT sector. The program encourages original self-expression and enthusiasm through technology.  Guest speakers and mentor discussions explain the demand for ICT professionals. They encourage the girls to keep their future options open by taking math and science courses throughout high school.

First Light Initiative

First Light was established so that more Aboriginal youth of all ages could be exposed to telescopes, astronomy and the wonders that fill the sky, thereby invigorating their desire to learn and to engage and explore with science and technology, while also learning their cultural traditions and indigenous knowledge about the sky.

FIRST Robotics Western Canada

FIRST is a non profit organization devoted to helping young people discover and develop a passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


You can spark that moment when a child discovers their love for science, technology, engineering and math. Help us inspire students to find their passion for science and life-long learning.

Operation Minerva Calgary

Operation Minerva is a one day, job-shadowing event for Grade 8 girls held in late spring each year.  Imagine - Young women having the opportunity to meet women working in STEM careers, at their workplaces, all over Calgary.

Power to Choose

Power to Choose is the name of an amazing artwork by First Nations artist Abe Kakepetum. In his words,

"We have been blessed by the Creator with the power to choose.
It is called free will.
In order to honour the Creator we must choose wisely in this life.
As the tree with long roots, we will be fruitful. 
If we choose poorly, we will not prosper."

We encourage Aboriginal Youth in Grades 7-12  to take advantage of:

  • Their many possible career choices.
  • Mentorship opportunities with aboriginal scientist.
  • Working within the context of their community.
  • The ways-of-knowing science programs offered by the Power To Choose.

Praxis Society

The Praxis Science Outreach Society's vision is to provide positive science experiences to the residents of  southeastern Alberta, especially youth, through provision of access to science and technology resources. The Praxis Science Outreach Society's mission is to develop and deliver innovative science programs through partnerships with our volunteers and the education, business, technology and science communities; to develop, engage and recognize our volunteers and donors; to enhance the public awareness of science as a fun and integral part of everyday life; and to cooperate with other programs and organizations in Alberta and Canada with similar visions and missions.  Praxis is the host of Operation Minerva Medicine Hat. 

Science Expo Alberta

Science Expo Youth Empowerment Group is the largest student-run non-profit organization that connects youth to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) community in Canada.

Their mission is to enrich students' experiences beyond the classroom; empower youth with opportunities, tools, and connections; and encourage youth to explore the possibilities in STEM through hands-on learning.