Inspiring girls through online mentoring

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Cybermentor motivates girls to excel in science and math, while broadening their knowledge of career opportunities for women in science, technology, engineering and math. Any girl in Alberta in grades 6 to 12 is welcome to join Cybermentor—there is no fee and no prerequisite. All a girl needs is her parent or guardian’s permission, access to the internet once a week during the school year and a willingness to communicate regularly with an online mentor.

  • Cybermentor is an online mentoring program for girls in grades 6 to 12 across Alberta.
  • Each girl is matched with her own carefully-screened mentor and the two connect online throughout the school year using their computers, phones or tablets.
  • By chatting with their mentor through a secure site, the girls learn about the wealth of careers and opportunities in science and engineering, discover new interests and gain confidence.

The mentors—inspiring women in diverse careers in science, technology, engineering and math—enjoy the experience of being a role model and motivating the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Mission of CyberMentor

The mission of the Cybermentor program is to inspire girls in science and engineering. The program achieves this mission via two goals:

  • Broadening girls’ knowledge of career opportunities and benefits for women in science, technology, engineering and math-focused fields, through guided communication with her own online mentor.
  • Motivating girls to continue their science and math studies in school, by building a relationship with a positive female role model in science or engineering.

Learn More About Your CyberMentors

From helicopter rides to offshore oil platforms in the North Sea, to extreme encounters in the Arctic tundra, our mentors have had many experiences and adventures working in science and engineering. Read inspiring stories to discover what exciting experiences are waiting for you in technology, engineering, science and math. 

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