Dr. Cheryl Cable, 2021 AWSN Minerva Mentoring Award Recipient

Dr. Cheryl Cable completed her BSc and DDS at the the University of Alberta then her Prosthodontic and Maxillofacial Prosthodontic training at the Mayo Clinic in 2001. Upon returning to the University of Alberta, Dr. Cable developed the dental implant education program and curriculum while completing her MBA. She was a WISEST board member and has contributed to the encouragement of women in specialty fields that have traditionally had very few, if any, women. She was the first female Prosthodontist and first female Maxillofacial Prosthodontist in Alberta; the first board-certified Prosthodontist on staff in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry; and the first woman dentist to receive tenure at the University of Alberta. She leads a provincial dental team working in a multidisciplinary manner on head and neck cancer innovation including patient identification strategies and patient education material development. Dr. Cable incorporated the CAWD (Canadian Association of Women Dentists), a national organization intended to unify the growing community of female dentists. She has involved every University in Canada that has a Dental School and is moderating a national webinar series to allow every dental student, regardless of gender, to learn from different types of female dentists in every province and territory. Dr. Cable volunteers and talks to grade schools on “what is a maxillofacial prosthodontist”. She continues to work on executive boards and volunteers for committee work to represent women in academia and health care. She focuses on helping Albertans and works closely with local health care to ensure that vulnerable patients who need our help are seen in a timely fashion.

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