Praxis Society

*Praxis (noun): The process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, practiced, embodied, or realized.

Photo courtesy of Operation Minerva Medicine Hat

The Praxis Science Outreach Society's vision is to provide positive science experiences to the residents of  southeastern Alberta, especially youth, through provision of access to science and technology resources. The Praxis Science Outreach Society's mission is to develop and deliver innovative science programs through partnerships with our volunteers and the education, business, technology and science communities; to develop, engage and recognize our volunteers and donors; to enhance the public awareness of science as a fun and integral part of everyday life; and to cooperate with other programs and organizations in Alberta and Canada with similar visions and missions.


AWSN is extremely proud to support Praxis as the host of Operation Minerva Medicine Hat.  Operation Minerva in Medicine Hat is a project organized by a committee of community professionals working in the math, science and technology fields. The purpose of Operation Minerva is to develop awareness in young women of their own abilities as well as the career opportunities that exist in these fields. The conference involves job shadowing with women role models, and could include innovative workshops/displays, formal/informal group discussions and onsite tours.  Praxis ensures that many rural girls are able to attend.