Rolitta Babu, 2021 AWSN Scholarship Recipient

Rolitta Babu is an Engineer-in-Training, registered with APEGA and currently enrolled in a Co-op Bachelor of Applied Technology in Geographic Information Technology (GIS) at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), Calgary. Rollita also has a bachelor's degree in electronics and communication and a master's in signal processing and has been a research scholar at the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, IISST.

Rolitta believes there is a greater purpose vested upon her to care for future and pass on all the natural resources to the next generation, the way we received it from our forefathers. She will hopes to apply GIS technology to analyze and assess the environmental impacts, particularly in the field of agriculture and wildlife.

Outside studies, Rolitta has always enjoyed helping others and worked as an executive member of career guidance and placement unit, College of Engineering Adoor, India. It is a non-profit organization that helped students for career training and placement. 

Rolitta loves painting and spends quite a bit of time on the canvas. Although oil paint is her preferred medium, she tries to be creative with techniques like charcoal painting.


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