Student Organization for Aerospace Research SOAR has dreams that are out of this world - 2015, 2016

NASA patch graphic and photo courtesy of SOAR

The Student Organization for Aerospace Research (SOAR) was officially founded in the summer of 2015 at the University of Calgary. It consists of student scientists and engineers researching and developing projects related to aerospace technology. SOAR provides students with the opportunity and resources to pursue experience and hands on work with projects that contribute to scientific knowledge. This encourages cooperation, hard work, critical thinking and independence. By giving responsibility for these projects to students, they are able to self-engage and help each other develop experience in all aspects of research and industry desired in graduating students.


SOAR and the project they had designed for HASP (High Altitude Student Platform) intrigued us and AWSN was happy to help fund their launch of their APOGEE project.  This project, Atmospheric Phenomenon Observer Gamma/VLF Emissions Experiment (APOGEE) was finally completed in September 2015 after almost a year of hard work. This instrument flew on the scientific balloon provided by NASA and Louisiana State University on their project, and reached heights of around 36 km. APOGEE is designed to detect gamma ray flashes and Very Low Frequencies (VLF) radio emissions from lightning strikes to find high energy electrons. 


Their 2016 project is a sounding rocket for the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association annual competition in Utah and AWSN is providing a bursary to get them there. 


They have presented their work at Power to Choose Aboriginal Youth Camp: once at UofC main campus and once at Rothney Observatory.