Ideas for Winstem WEek

  • Read a book about a woman in STEM; historical or present day.  
  • Write a bio for the AWSN website about a historical woman in STEM, like Rosalind Franklin, Marie Curie, or someone less well known.
  • Read an AWSN bio of an inspiring person, go out and see if you can find them, and do a mini- interview to update their bio since their interview.   
  • Follow the WinSTEM social media to learn more about women in STEM.
  • Pop some popcorn and host a movie night with friends that features strong women in a science based role (i.e. "Hidden Figures") 
  • Go for dinner/drinks out with STEM friends/colleagues.  
  • Sign up to be a Cybermentor.
  • Volunteering to do something that encourages girls or young women to be interested in STEM.  Watch WinSTEM pages for events where you can volunteer.  
  • Volunteer to present a STEM-related topic at a local school.
  • Volunteer to present a STEM-related topic to a local groups e.g. Girl Guilds.
  • Go for coffee or lunch with STEM professional coworkers you barely know.
  • Attend an open/public WinSTEM week event.
  • Attend the WiSEST 35th Anniversary event: NoBelles event Oct 12.
  • Attend the AWSN STEM Affair on Oct 14th.
  • Present a demo at the STEM Affair on Oct 14th. 
  • Do a Google search of women in STEM internationally and locally.
  • Do a Google search of local groups that support women in STEM, or check out the website to learn about many local groups
  • Visit a science centre with a group of girls. 

Our Mission: Enabling a culture of diversity and inclusivity through STEM Programs. AWSN acts as the platform that initiates or supports programs, partners and stakeholders who amplify, magnify, or accelerate systemic and social change within the greater community, allowing all to participate to their full capacity in STEM"